Alwaysfresh High Flow Bacteria, Virus & Cysts Purifier Cartridge
Item# AP-3016

RC-CMF417-2.5 High flow 2.5 gpm replacement cartridge is a must for water supplies that have suspected bacteria load or for "Final Barrier" protection from these contaminants.  Use as a post filter for any of our drinking water systems to add this protection to your drinking water.  

Performance tested, evaluated and verified by the U. S. EPA with live cryptosporidium, adenovirus 2 and MS2 a virus suggorate. 

Capacity of organisms >250,000,000, change cartridge every 2-3 years or when flow is slowed below 1 gpm. 4" x 4" x 21".

Fits any of our Alwaysfresh filter heads.  Internal media is protected with Antimicrobial Sliver Zeolite ions.  

  • Price:$175.75

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