HFC-1000 High flow High Performance Drinking Water System
HFC-1000 High flow High Performance Drinking Water System
Item# DWS-HFC-1000

High Flow 1.5 gallon per minute Chemical Reduction Drinking Water System is the 1st Certified system for high flow and high performance for installation directly inline to existing cold sink faucet!

300% High Flow rate than most competitive units.

Rated for 500 gallons capacity and tested to 200% of rated capacity for Chemical reduction claims.  Typically Annual Cartridge Change for family of 4-6, use replacement cartridge model RC-HFC-1000. 

No separate faucet required.

  • Price:$319.75

Certified NSF/ANSI std 42 & 53 for reduction of PFOA/PFOS, Total Trihalomethanes, VOC's, MTBE, Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Aesthetic Chlorine & Chloramines, Class 1 Particulate 1/2 micron, Tastes/Odors. Also inhibits limescale* in water using appliances.

Filter protection - Silver Zeolite ions are slowly released to protect the filter from bio film. WQA Certified

 *Claim not Certified for limescale claim

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