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RC-HFC-1000 Replacement Cartridge - Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program
RC-HFC-1000 Replacement Cartridge - Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program
Item# RC-HFC-1000-ACDP
Alwaysfresh replacement filter cartridge

System - HFC 1000
  • Rated 500 gallon capacity
  • 1.5  gpm flow rate
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified
  • Quick Change cartridge
  • Filter Protection
  • Scale Control*


Enrollment Benefits & Authorizations:

1. Authorizes Waterline Techology to Ship replacement cartridge(s) at least once per year while enrolled
2. Automatically enrolled in our Extended Lifetime Warranty (see back for details) during enrollment period
3. Receive a Discount of 15% & lock on current list price during enrollment periods (initial and future renewals)
4. Automatic renewal every 3 years at the then current list price after initial enrollment term expires
5. Charge your credit card with applicable sales taxes and shipping charges

Minimum Shipment Frequency for RC-HFC-1000 = 12 months

Require 2 week notification for scheduled Waterline Technology program cancellation

*claim not certified
  • Retail Price:$149.75
  • Your Price:$127.29

By placing my order for this cartidge under the ACDP, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement
I understand that the products selected on the ACDP enrollment form will be sent to me at the frequency and qty specified unless I notify Waterline of any changes or cancellation.

I understand that the specific products which I have chosen may be discontinued or updated.

I understand that the List Prices may be adjusted from time to time and while enrolled in this program it will not change during the term of enrollment or during the normal renewal period.

I authorize Waterline to establish an automatic credit card or debit card arrangement as specified on enrollment form for the amount each year prior to shipment. Upon notification in writing, email, fax or phone I understand that I can cancel this enrollment prior to shipment.

I understand that this agreement will become null and void if Credit card has been expired, cancelled, or stolen unless a new card # or expiration date is provided.

Shipping and Handling
UPS shipping & Handling Charges will be added based upon # of cartridges per order.
One cartridge per order $ 9.50
Two cartridges per order $11.50
Three cartridges per order $13.50
Four cartridges or more $15.00

Extended Lifetime Warranty
Your Alwaysfresh system limited warranty can be extended one year if system is maintained per instruction manual. Simply change your Alwaysfresh system cartridge at least annually as recommended byWaterline Technology and the balance of your system warranty will be extended for 12months. Waterline suggests that you replace your cartridge at end of life or one year whichever occurs first.

Proof of purchase under this extended warranty is your responsibility. Waterline will mail you a reminder letter every 11 months to assist you with this maintenance. If you purchase directly from Waterline we will update your records accordingly. ACDP Enrolled Customers proof of purchase is updated automatically with each cartridge delivery.

This extended warranty covers the permanent head assembly, fittings and dispensing faucet (if purchased from Waterline) but is subject to the faucet manufacturer’s warranty. In the event any of these parts fail within the extended warranty period Waterline will repair or replace the parts at no charge.

NOTE: Parts only no labor warranty is included.

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