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Alwaysfresh TFC Reverse Osmosis Cartridge 150 gallon per day production
Item# AP-3018

RC-SC12-RO-150 TFC reverse osmosis membrane cartridge with built-in check valve and drain line flow control.  Membrane has been tested to NSF/ANSI std 58 for TDS (total dissolved solids) reduction.   Change cartridge when rejection of TDS falls below 75% of feed water TDS.  Minimum pressure requirements 40 psi. 

Requires AP-RO-KIT added to our Filter head assembly to shut off feed water when storage tank is full. 

CAUTION:  This cartridge must be pre filtered on chlorinated water supplies!  Use our RC-HF-20000 cartridge as pre filter.  If Chemical reduction is also required use post filter RC-HFC-1000. 


  • Price:$299.75

Can be used for Point of Use cooler applications without AP-RO-KIT (tank shut off kit) when cooler has sufficent storage tank shut off mechanisms.  Consult cooler manufacturer for details.   Works with our Glacier POU cooler. 

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