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DWS-HFC-1000 PLUS High Flow, High Performance Plus Microbial Purfication
Item# AP-1036

Two Stage High Flow 1.5 gallon per minute Chemical Reduction Drinking Water System PLUS Microbiological Purification

300% High Flow rate than most competitive units.

Stage 1: Rated for 500 gallons capacity and tested to 200% of rated capacity for Chemical reduction claims. Performance data sheet

Stage 2: High capacity for bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts retention, replace every 2 years.  >250,000,000 organisms retention!  

No separate faucet required.

  • Price:$699.75

Stage 1: WQA Certified NSF/ANSI std 42 & 53 for reduction of Total Trihalomethanes, VOC's, MTBE, Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Aesthetic Chlorine & Chloramines, Class 1 Particulate 1/2 micron, Tastes/Odors. Also inhibits limescale* in water using appliances.

Stage2:  U. S. EPA performance tested, evaluated and verified for bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts reduction to Federal Guidelines for Drinking Water purification

Both Stage 1 & Stage 2 Filter protection - Silver Zeolite ions are slowly released to protect the filter from bio film.

 *Claim not Certified for limescale claim

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